>>vally Smith<< (Macon, GA, USA)

I’m overjoyed that we chose Moonlight Kitty Farm for our new family member’s adoption! The abundance of knowledge and resources accessible has made expanding our family a remarkably smooth and worry-free process! We adore our newest member, and he has been really affectionate toward us since his arrival. They will almost certainly send us another kitten in the near future.


>>Brenda Kleinn<< (Henderson, Nevada)

My baby has only been with me for a week, but she is already playful, intelligent, and friendly to strangers. In less than a week, she went from hating to loving her crate, and it is now her safe haven. Bella has changed my life; these kittens are very special and awesome; I highly recommend Moonlight Kitty Farm.


>>Laura Jones<< ( Louisville, KY, USA)

OMGOSH!!! Toby is absolutely stunning. how happy our kids are right now. Thank you so much, MOONLIGHT KITTY FARM, for such a thoughtful gift. Right now, we’re at a loss for words. God bless you for all your efforts… If we decide to foster another kitten in the near future, we will undoubtedly return to Moonlight Kitty Farm.

Email: laurakerry80@gmail.com


Lisa Dabsail<< (West Virginia, USA)

I’m thrilled about my son “Spike.” When he arrived, he was in good health, caring, and had a distinct personality. He is the epitome of physical beauty! His eyes are golden, gleaming, and enquiring. Thank you Moonlight Kitty Farm. I give you a 5 STAR rating!!


>>Adam Paul Durbin<< (Rock Springs WY )

I was nervous at first, but bringing our new kitten home was a breeze! We couldn’t be happier! Our new kitten arrived healthy and eager to play with my children. He is comfortable around people and sounds, and he eats well! His training is going well, and he sleeps soundly. His breeder obviously took good care of him. Thank you, Moonlight Kitty Farm

Email: adampaul756@gmail.com

>>Mason Urich<< ( Baltimore MD, USA)

Hello, Moonlight Kitty Farm. I am completely satisfied. I needed a healthy kitten because my older cat died. You guys were immensely helpful and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my purchase. My kitten was never abused or kept in filthy conditions, as far as I know. I could tell she’d been cuddled and kissed before she arrived safely. Once again, thank you.

Email: kingspygmydoefarm@gmail.com